Washington Online Writing Lab Expansion

You may know that several Washington state community colleges created an online writing lab (OWL) to pilot last spring, and that the site is now being hosted by WAOL for continued use by the pilot project colleges. Check it out at: [url=http://]http://owl.waol.org[/url] The writing center people involved (Grace Rhodes, Ann Harrington, Sally Nick and Linda Foss)all reported positive experiences with the project and a desire to continue building the site with additional member colleges coming on board. We are currently seeking phase II funding from the state's Distance Learning Council. If your school would be interested in participating in continuing the collaborative developemnt of this project, please contact: Mary Ann Lund Goodwin, Grant Project Director from Spokane Falls, maryanng@spokanefalls.edu If you have any questions or comments regarding the pilot site currently in use, please contact me as OWL Development Coordinator: lfoss@centralia.edu

great.it will be ideal step

great.it will be ideal step for thecolleges who take their serious interest in participating in this Pilot project.It will help students to share their materials and findings and their knowledge will spread around the state.

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Expanding online writing labs

Expanding online writing labs for community colleges in Washington is an excellent step by the state. It will help students to share their materials and findings and their knowledge will spread around the state. I suggest students to buy custom essay using this portal that will help you enhance your grades as well as skills.