Liberating Talk: Unleashing Writing Centered Dialogue Across Campus

Hello! Please use this space to continue the conversation on writing centered dialogue across campuses. Did you miss our session, think of something afterwards, or want to talk about something we didn't cover? We look forward to hearing from you! Matt Holtmeier Roberta Kjesrud

Liberating Talk

Hi, Roberta and Matt and others. I would love to hear how this session went, what you all came up with. Just wanted to chime in here and say that I'm interested! Sherri

Liberating Talk

Good deal! We do have a lot of findings, and we're eager to sort through them. Stay tuned for details, which we hope to post next week sometime!

Student Peer Review of Writing

A few things we've been doing at Douglas in terms of talking about writing with other faculty. I'm afraid I missed your session Roberta, but I hope this fits the topic: I set up a meeting of writing instructors across our campus who wanted to talk about Student Peer Review of Writing. This ended up including faculty from English, Communications, ESL,Developmental English and Learning Centre. We talked about objectives, pitfalls, strategies and best practices. People were really enthused about the event and asked to continue the conversation in a future meeting. We had another meeting with just the English faculty who wanted to know about strategies for giving feedback on writing online. I am leading a PD session on writing good assignment instructions coming up soon.