2010 Regional Conference Cancelled

On behalf of the board of the PNWCA I’m sorry to announce that our region will not host a conference this year. We still want to support (with a small stipend) writing center’s that wish to create a time and place for sharing and collaboration. Please submit your ideas, suggestions, proposals, or questions to me (aharrington@everettcc.edu)  or another board member. Proposals should be submitted by January 31. If you have an idea but can’t make the deadline, please call 425-388-9309  for an extension.

We hope to announce the host of our 2012 Regional Conference soon. Who knows, maybe it will be YOUR school! Please, contact me or another board member for encouragement and information.

I am happy to announce that our Winter Quarter DDO will be hosted by Larry Nichol’s and his Writing Center staff at Seattle University on February 11, 2011.  If you haven’t attended a DDO I urge you to come and join us. If you need additional information, please contact Larry at lnichols@seattleu.edu.


Ann Harrington

PNWCA Board President