PNWCA Board News


On behalf of the board of the PNWCA, I welcome you to the year 2010-11. I’m sure all of you are, like me, excited to begin anew, but still wistful for those last few days of summer.

I’d like to share with you some of the recent discussions and decisions that the board has taken up recently:

·         A discussion of finances and funding support for regional or mini-conferences

·         A review of our current by-laws

·         Setting a standard for archiving

·         Setting term dates for board member positions

·         Creating a comprehensive data base of regional writing centers

By far the most important discussion we have had this past summer has been over finances and funding support for conferences.  Because the regional conference is currently our only funding source, and because of the funding cut-backs that all of our campuses have suffered, the board decided to take a careful look at our funding process. We looked at models of other areas and concluded that the host school guarantee and secure funding before the planning process begins rather than the PNWCA underwriting the cost of the regional conference. Understandably, the proposed hosts for this year’s regional conference chose not to participate because their institution was not willing to guarantee funding.

It may be that we need to move to a bi-annual regional conference calendar. The IWCA and other regional organizations I am involved with have made adjustments along these lines because of the economic downturn. This is a discussion your board is currently having. I welcome any input and suggestions you might have. We will open a discussion forum on

If you are willing and think your institution will support your efforts to host a regional conference this year or next, please contact me or another board member. In lieu of holding a regional conference this year, the board will support up to three mini-regional conferences with a stipend of $250.00. We hope this is an opportunity for writing centers in outlying areas to create a time and place for sharing and collaboration. If you are interested in submitting a proposal, please contact me ( for more information.

The good news is that there is a Director’s Day Out at the University of Washington scheduled for Friday, October 22. Jenny Halpin and Jessica Jungwirth are hosting at the Odegaard Writing and Research Center. They have already sent out preliminary information. If you missed it, you can contact Jenny at  If you haven’t attended a DDO I urge you to come and join us. Great people, great food, and great ideas.

I also hope to see many of you at the TYCA-PNW conference being held this Friday and Saturday, October 8 and 9, at Whatcom Community College.

On behalf of the PNWCA board,


Ann Harrington
PNWCA Board President