new tutor hiring

Hello, all,

I've got hiring on the brain because a fair percentage of my OWRC staff is about to graduate.

The current tutors and I met recently to brainstorm ways to recraft our job description.  Our goals were (1) to redesign it in such a way that we would attract applicants who could really wrap their heads around the notion of *collaborative* peer tutoring (as opposed to the top-down review or editing model that seems to thrive in the heads of so many smart undergraduates) and (2) to add language that would help us to attract applicants from a broader variety of disciplines than we have in the past.

I post here because  I would love to see the job descriptions you all send out when you are doing your new hiring -- and perhaps to hear a little something about your process as we seek to revise ours.  Last year we had 160 applicants for 4 spots.  It was terrifying.  I'm also told by people outside academia that I did far too many interviews for that number of positions.  If you would be willing to share ideas about what criteria you use to create a 'short list' and what qualities you have learned to prioritize as you make hiring decisions, I am all ears (er, eyes).  Thanks!

-Jenny (UW Seattle)