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The purpose of the Pacific Northwest Writing Centers Association (PNWCA) is to further the theoretical, practical, and political interests of writing center professionals, and to encourage dialogue about writing and learning among students, faculty and staff. Membership includes writing center staff from Alaska, British Columbia, Oregon, Washington and the Yukon.

Founded and affiliated with the International Writing Centers Association in 2004, the PNWCA and its officers truly wish to represent the needs unique to writing centers in our North American geographical region.

If you're a writing center professional from the region--and, yes, that includes writing tutors, consultants, assistants, and graduate teaching assistants--then we invite you to create an account, explore this site's resources, ask questions, and join conversations.

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2019 TYCA-PNW & PNWCA Joint Conference Registration and Lodging Info

Community: Nurturing Deep Connections on our Campuses, in our Classrooms, and in our Writing Centers

TYCA-PNW & PNWCA Joint Conference 2019
April 26 - 27, 2019
Yakima Valley College

Conference Registration, Keynote Speaker, Hotels, etc.

In these troubling times of political strife, unthinkable realities for immigrants and their families, unending legislative push for education reform, and the deprofessionalization of our fields, it seems especially difficult to find common ground. There are ideological mountains, rivers, and deserts between us. But what if we look beneath the surface at our below-ground web of humanity? Just as forest ecologists have discovered that trees in a forest communicate with one another in a subterranean network and share resources to nurture weakened or vulnerable trees through tiny fungal threads that extend from their roots, we writing teachers, program administrators, writing center directors, and tutors in the college environment may discover that we are ideally positioned to forge otherwise hidden connections in our classrooms and writing centers, connections that promote cooperation over competition, compassion over callousness, complexity rather than oversimplification, cultural inclusion instead of ethnocentrism, and resilience in lieu of hopelessness. In nurturing supportive communities with our students--and with one another--we provide opportunity for individuals to persevere, resist, and thrive, for grit alone and determination alone, will not ensure individual success. Achievement is shared as are our struggles.

In this, our final collaborative conference between TYCA-PNW and PNWCA, we invite you to join us in thinking about the forces that pull us together as academic professionals and students in all our varied abilities, backgrounds, and subject identities. How might we choose to see opportunity in the adversities and tensions surrounding us in these dangerous and unpredictable times? How can we look beneath the surface to create ties that help sustain us all and enable us to fulfill our mission as educators and learners?

PNWCA Conference Scholarship Opportunities

 The PNWCA is offering two scholarship opportunities: one for writing center administrators new to the region, and another for undergraduate students.

Announcing the PNWCA Writing Center Administrator Conference Scholarship

The PNWCA is pleased to continue the Writing Center Administrator Conference Scholarship. Recipients will receive a scholarship in the form of funds for conference registration fees and one night’s stay at the conference hotel.

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

1) Be a new writing center administrator or new to our region

2) Demonstrate financial need

Deadline for applications for April 2019 conference scholarships: February 15, 2019

Applications will be reviewed by the PNWCA board members. Recipients will be notified via email.

Email PNWCA President, Amanda Hill at with any questions.

Outstanding Proposals by Undergraduate Student Scholarships

The PNWCA is committed to supporting the research and scholarship of undergraduate peer writing tutors. To further this goal, PNWCA will award a total of $500 in scholarships for use toward conference expenses. Five awards of $100 each (per proposal) will be made. Recipients will be notified via email and honored in person at the conference. To be considered for this scholarship, please check the undergraduate presenter box on the submission form. If you have questions, please contact PNWCA President, Amanda Hill at

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