Pacific Northwest Writing Centers Association

The purpose of the Pacific Northwest Writing Centers Association (PNWCA) is to further the theoretical, practical, and political interests of writing center professionals, and to encourage dialogue about writing and learning among students, faculty and staff. Membership includes writing center staff from Alaska, Oregon, and Washington.

Founded and affiliated with the International Writing Centers Association in 2004, the PNWCA and its officers truly wish to represent the needs unique to writing centers in our North American geographical region.

If you're a writing center professional from the region--and, yes, that includes writing tutors, consultants, assistants, and graduate teaching assistants--then we invite you to create an account, explore this site's resources, ask questions, and join conversations.

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2021 PNWCA Regional Conference

Where Are We? Writing Centers as Sites of Existential Conundrums
Pacific Northwest Writing Centers Association
2021 Virtual Conference
April 18-23 2021

In late 2019 the PNWCA conference planning committee envisioned a spring conference with space as the theme. The conference proposal went out, we received submissions, and—like many conference planners around the world—had to make a tough decision. We simply couldn’t move forward with the conference.

The past year has given us pause to consider the notion of space even more deeply and we invite you to present at and/or attend the 2021 PNWCA conference, to be held April 18-23. 

The central questions of our conference are: What happens when we question our own existence as we consider our praxis? What roles do space and place play in the writing center and its surrounding contexts and theoretical frameworks? Proposals can address space as representations of our socio-cultural and academic values, and of writing centers’ identities.

While the pandemic has made all of us rethink our models, we welcome proposals that consider what our centers have looked like under normal operations and will look like when we return to our campuses. We invite you to share strategies, challenges, and questions about how the notions of spaces and places motivate writing centers’ services, planning, engagement, and theories. 

All conference presentations will be available for viewing on the conference website beginning April 18th. Dr. Justin Young, Director of English Composition Program and the Writers' Center at Eastern Washington University, will kick off a series of live workshops on April 23rd. 

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